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Trusted Rooter and Drain Service for 25 Years – Call the Leading Cerritos Plumber Today!

Finding a plumbing company in Cerritos that you can trust can be difficult. There are many to choose from and sometimes you may not know exactly what type of expertise you are getting. When you choose My Cerritos Plumber Hero as your primary plumbing company in Cerritos for all your rooter and drain needs, you don't have to gamble. As the foremost trusted plumbing company in town, we have offer unrivaled plumbing and rooter services 24/7.

25 years in the plumbing industry means something. It signifies that the community trusts us to take care of any plumbing problem with confidence and skill. All of our plumbers are industry certified; have years of journeyman experience, and only want the best for you. We make it easy to find a Service Hero plumber you can trust!

Complete Water Heater Repair and Installation Services

We have many specialties at My Cerritos Plumber Hero, but one of the services we provide most often is water heater repair and installations services. The water heater in your home or office is designed to last for several years, but time can fly and before you know it your water heater may be trying to tell you something. Some water heater repairs are minor, but sometimes full replacement may be necessary.

Replacing a water heater can be stressful when it is an unexpected expense. We understand this, which is why our knowledgeable plumbing staff is available to help you find reasonable options for replacing your water heater. We can explain all the latest appliances such as on-demand water heating and tankless water heaters. We can help you choose and install a new appliance that will not only meet your fiscal needs, but continue to save you money in energy costs over the course of ownership.

The Best Plumbing Service Company in Cerritos

What makes a plumbing company stand out amongst its competitors? Superior service, excellent customer relations, and, of course, unparalleled repair services are what get a company noticed and keep it thriving in a competitive industry. When you hire one of our skilled plumbers for sewer line repair, drain cleaning services, or new plumbing installation, you can expect nothing but the best service.

In addition to our expertise, we take care of our customers. All of our services are backed by a 100% guarantee. If anything isn't right, we will make it right. Your happiness and satisfaction matters to us.


Did You Know?


The Spanish meaning of Cerritos translates to "little hills," which is quite ironic considering that the actual town of Cerritos has no natural hills.  When settlers first happened upon the territory that would eventually become the city of Cerritos, several names were considered, but the one name that stuck for many years was Dairy Valley because of the abundance of dairy farms in the area. However, in 1967 the town decided to change the name after the land grant Rancho Los Cerritos.


Unbeatable Prices for Emergency Plumbing Services

Some companies may charge more for emergency plumbing services, but not My Cerritos Plumber Hero. As your favorite 24 hour plumbing company in Cerritos, we treat all our customers the same, whether you call us for plumbing consultation or a plumbing emergency at one in the morning. A licensed, bonded and insured plumber will arrive in full uniform with a full-stocked vehicle in less than 90 minutes to promptly assist you with your problem. This is why we are the leading plumbing company in Cerritos for residential and commercial plumbing and rooter services.