Reliable Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair Services in Cerritos

The plumbing system in your home was designed in a manner that allows it to withstand years and years of abuse and constant use without breaking down entirely. However, drains and sewer lines can be finicky and repairs are sometimes necessary long before your plumbing system has reached its expiration date, so to speak. This is when you need the assistance of your handy, dandy local plumber.

At My Cerritos Plumbers Hero, we help residential and commercial customers with drain cleaning and sewer line repair on a daily basis. We have many tricks up our sleeves to help you out in a jam. Whether you need emergency drain cleaning services or just want to have a camera inspection conducted to get a better idea about the health of your pipes, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Drain Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Why do the drains in our homes clog and back-up? The drains in your home are used every single day and, whether your realize it or not, many times things are poured or washed down these drains that shouldn’t be. For instance, many homeowners have garbage disposals and use them constantly. While this kitchen appliance is wonderful for getting rid of food, it can also create problems for your piping system. This is because homeowners frequently put items in the garbage disposal that can cause problems such as noodles, oils, cooking fat, egg shells, and other things that can easily cling to the sides of the drain pipes or obstruct the flow of water.

Garbage disposals aren’t the sole culprit, though. Even just using your bathroom sinks and brushing your teeth can cause blockages. Toothpaste build-up can cause blockages over time, slowing down the flow of water through your pipes.

How can we help? At My Cerritos Plumber Hero, we have power chemical drain cleaners as well as a system called hydro-jetting that can cut through stubborn clogs, leaving your drain pipes crystal clear and clean.

Camera Inspections for Sewer Line Repair

Are you concerned that your sewer line may be obstructed? This is a concern for many homeowners and something that should be checked out sooner rather than later. Thanks to video plumbing technology, our plumbing specialists can peer inside of your sewer line using a camera that reports live images of the interior of your sewer line. Our customers like the fact that they can see what is going on inside of their sewer line, while our technicians explain the situation to them. Camera inspections can also reduce the need for invasive exploratory procedures. Our sewer line repairs in Cerritos, CA are the best in town!

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Don’t wait around for something drastic to happen to your plumbing system. Instead, give us a call to find out about all of the options we have available for drain cleaning and  sewer line repair. We offer unbeatable pricing, quality workmanship performed by licensed, bonded, and insured local Cerritos plumbers, and same day service.

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